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Your Partner From Inception Through Exit


How To Avoid Disappointment When It’s Time To Cash Out

How do you avoid not being disappointed with the money you make from the sale of your company? Perhaps you’ve heard that companies like yours trade using an industry rule of thumb or that companies of your size sell within a specific range, and you want to get at least what your peers have received.…
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The Biggest Mistake Owners Make When Selling

  One of the biggest mistake owners make in selling their company is being lured into a proprietary deal. The Definition Of A Proprietary Deal Acquirers land a proprietary deal (or “prop deal”) when they convince owners to sell their businesses without creating a competitive marketplace. Acquirers running a proprietary deal know they don’t have…
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Vallexa Credit Constructor Program Geared to Assist Home Health and Hospice Agencies

  Vallexa Credit is announcing their 100% Guaranteed Credit Constructor program which will assist home health and hospice agencies to grow their business by establishing foundation and corporate funding readiness.  Increased company credit can lead to company growth and building company growth can turn into unlimited success. According to Pepperdine University’s 2013 Capital Markets Report, a recent…
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