Strategic Acquisitions

Your Partner From Inception Through Exit

Strategic Growth Through Acquisition is a Better Way to Grow:

It’s quite simple–the way to expand your business is through hard work. Keep your customers happy and market aggressively. In the end it comes down to old fashioned sales and marketing, and plenty of hard work. This is what most consultants, professors, and businessmen will insist. You’ll hear a lot of slogans and truisms like “there are no shortcuts to success.”

We’re certainly not about to claim that hard work isn’t a key ingredient of success in growing a business. But, in contrast to the traditional wisdom, there is a short cut to growth. Growth through acquisition, too often considered the exclusive domain of the largest of companies, is also quite appropriate for the small and midsize company looking to achieve rapid expansion.

If you’re a SEADS member and looking to acquire, Vallexa Consulting will provide a free campaign for you based upon your custom parameters.